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Image Masking

Image Masking

Image Masking is one of the common photo editing techniques used by millions of people to make their image better. Clipping Photo India (CPI) is a house of expert workers where you will get better Image Masking Service with great quality and at a reasonable price. Our skilled workers provide better service than any other company using the latest version of Photoshop software. Generally people use image masking to create product catalogs and you can also use this service to make your business more profitable.

What is Image Masking?

Image Masking is the process to knock out complex image background, add or edit a particular portion of a complex image where Clipping Path is not working properly. Generally image masking is used to remove the background from a complex image and this type of images are used in online advertising, product catalog, graphic studio, etc. This process is used for a particular image masking such as Hair Masking, Far Masking, Transparent or semi transparent and use of different images like feathers, glasses, smoke, flames, lighting, etc.

You can use a black and white image for masking processes where you can show or hide segment of a presentation object or group show. Such as, you may create a mask image with white segment and black segment and you can also add different object in this image. Image Masking makes your image looks more smooth and professional.

Why Need Photoshop Image Masking Service?

• To Remove background from a complex image
• Use semi transparent or translucent on images
• Generate transparency without preventing the flawlessness
• Add a customized image background with different color and shadow
• Save multifaceted shape of an image for further use
• Allocate masking for hair, semi-transparent, fur, glasses etc.
• Allow falling shadows of a preferred picture to effort efficiently with a very glowing end.

Which Types Picture Need Image Masking Process?

• Human or Models with complex edge and flying hair
• Raising hair animals
• Different types natural images such as tree, landscape, flowers, natural scenario etc.
• Different type product images such as jewelries, clothing, shoes etc.
• Diaphanous objects such as glasses, feather, smoke, lighting etc.

Different Types Image Masking Service We Offer

• Alpha Channel Masking
• Hair Masking
• Advanced or Complex Layer Masking
• Transparency Masking
• Translucent Masking
• College Masking
• Flower Masking
• Jewelries Masking
• Product Photo Enhancement
• Remove/ Add Object/People in Photo

Who Need Image Masking?

Generally peoples and companies who involve with advertising agency, photographic studio, online product selling companies, print media, web development companies need the Photoshop image masking service to make their business more profitable.

Are you looking for an image masking service provider? Then Contact Us or Request for Quote, we will reply within a short period of time and provide the best service at a reasonable price. Any modifications or change is absolutely free after the job done.

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